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Data Protection Declaration
This Data Protection Declaration applies to the collection, processing and use of user data of the application and the related in-app Services ("Services") provided by GameLikeApps ("GameLikeApps"). The Services enable users to communicate mutually. GameLikeApps respects your privacy rights. For details please see our Data Protection Declaration below.

1. Scope of application
This Data Protection Declaration applies to all Services operated by GameLikeApps by this app and addresses all users of the Services ("Users" or "you"). If other offers of GameLikeApps have a differing data protection declaration, the differing data protection declaration published on that offer shall apply. The Services may contain cross-references ("links") to offers of third party providers. By clicking on such links, you leave the Services. In such a case, GameLikeApps does not take any responsibility for the content and compliance with data protection laws of these offers. This Data Protection Declaration does not apply to those offers.

2. Collection, processing and use of your data for the usage of the Services
(1) GameLikeApps will only collect, process or use your data pursuant to the applicable data protection laws.
(2) GameLikeApps will only collect, process or use any data referring to you as a person for the purpose of fulfilling the user contract, i.e. the establishment, performance and ending of the contract (including billing). GameLikeApps will not disclose your personal data unless GameLikeApps is required by law or unless you have consented to any other use. Collection, usage and processing of the data are carried out in electronic form.
(3) Personal data which may be collected by GameLikeApps for the purpose of fulfilling the user contract is e.g. your name, address, sex, age, e-mail-address and IP-address of you. Any additional data you provide to GameLikeApps during provision of the Services, you provide voluntarily to GameLikeApps. A registration for the opening of an account in order to use the Services ("Account") generally requires the entry of personal user information. A password is selected by the user during the registration process. Besides that, GameLikeApps assigns a user-ID to each user who registered for the Services, by which GameLikeApps can identify the user and his or her requests during the visit on the Services offer. In addition, relevant data is used in order to gain knowledge on malfunctions or on an abuse of the Services. GameLikeApps also uses personal data in the course of ending the contractual relationship with a user to the extent necessary to terminate the obligatory relationship.
(4) GameLikeApps may give users the opportunity to register for the Services via Facebook Connect. In this case, GameLikeApps may collect, process or use data, the User published in his or her Facebook profile. Vice versa GameLikeApps may submit information on the participation in the Services to Facebook. Please review the data protection declaration of Facebook on this.
(5) When using the Services, GameLikeApps collects information on how you use the Services in order to enable and bill for the proper and contractual use of the Services ("usage data"). Usage data is, in particular, characteristics for purposes of identifying the user, information concerning the beginning and end, as well as the scope of the respective use, IP-address, used device and information concerning the Services used by the user.
(6) GameLikeApps may pass collect and use payment data insofar as this is required for billing. GameLikeApps currently works inter alia with Apple and Google as payment-provider. Besides that, GameLikeApps will not pass on user data, or the content of private messages in Services, to any third party unless required by law or consented by the user.
(7) GameLikeApps is entitled to transmit and store personal user data to bodies in other member states of the European Union or within the European Economic Area, as well as to bodies in other states that guarantee an adequate level of data protection exclusively for the purposes stated in this Data Protection Declaration. Besides that, GameLikeApps will not transmit personal data of users to any third parties unless explicitly set out in this Data Protection Declaration.

3. Advertising
(1) Services may be partly financed through advertising. Advertising messages may therefore appear throughout the use of the Services. GameLikeApps may display personalized advertising matched to the actions you perform and content you upload when using the Services.
(2) GameLikeApps will only send third party advertising to your e-mail address upon your prior consent.
(3) GameLikeApps may inform you about other related products offered by GameLikeApps, also in electronic form. In every electronic message, you will be informed about the possibility to opt-out of receiving the electronic messages. You may contradict at any time at no costs other than costs for the transmission (at base tariffs) of the message by which you contradict.
(4) For advertising, market research, improvement of existing and creation of new innovative products, GameLikeApps may create aggregated anonymized data.

4. Data logging for internal system purposes and statistical purposes
GameLikeApps automatically records information, namely usage data. Besides that, GameLikeApps uses a tracking tool, namely GoogleAnalytics, to track the usage of the Services in order to optimize the Services for the users. All data is used in anonymized form.

5. Communication between Users
Please note that if you upload content within the Services, this information may be publicly accessible and can be seen by other users. Therefore, be careful with the information you disclose to other users.

6. Data Security
GameLikeApps would like to point out that data protection and data security cannot be guaranteed for data transmissions outside of our sphere of authority, such as your mobile network. You are aware that your mobile carrier, or unauthorized third parties may have access to the data stored on the servers or transmitted through GameLikeApps and used in the Services.

7. Rights of Users
Upon request, GameLikeApps will promptly inform you about all data collected with reference to your person free of charge. This information will generally be provided in electronic form, usually via e-mail. Furthermore you can contact GameLikeApps to correct false data with reference to your person. In such cases, please send GameLikeApps an e-mail with your request to:

8. Declaration of Consent
By using the Services, you consent to the abovementioned collection, processing and use of your data.

9. Amendment of the Privacy Policy
GameLikeApps reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time, but GameLikeApps will always preserve the principles of data protection as stated above. Therefore, GameLikeApps recommends that users review the current Data Protection Declaration regularly. GameLikeApps will inform the users in advance before a use of personal data exceeding this declaration takes place.

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